Le Monde School Anthem

"De un sueño de maestra
hacia el mundo del saber,
en el fondo de tus aulas
un mundo por conocer."
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We are an academic, scientific-humanist school, with high performance and value training in all areas that make up the national curriculum, we guide our students in their continuity in higher education, incorporating English as one of its fundamental pillars, allowing them to form integral citizens and generators of changes that contribute to our global society.


We aspire to be a bilingual school that meets high academic standards, promoting the comprehensive education of all our students through a school-family alliance that delivers knowledge and values, allowing us to guide and train citizens who contribute to a constantly changing society.

Educational Seals

We are a family school
that recognizes all members of the educational community as important agents in the integral formation of the Le Monde School student.
We are a school with high academic demands
that guides and promotes the training of students who are responsible for their future and their contribution to society.
We are a school that strengthens academic training
through the teaching of a second language, allowing us to train citizens who integrate into a global society through the use of English.