Throughout these years, we have perfected and polished our strategies to achieve excellence in our institutional educational project. Our approach is focused on the integral formation of each student, guaranteeing a bright future for each one of them.

However, we understand that this transcendental process is not limited only to the classroom. We recognize the fundamental role that families play in the development of our students. Therefore, we want to count on your active participation and trust.

Together, as a team, we will work hand in hand to meet your highest educational expectations and meet the needs of our ever-evolving society. The promising future of our students depends on this alliance between institution and family.

Join our educational project and together let's make the potential of each student shine.

Our school focuses on achieving quality learning for children and young people. We have established a close collaboration with highly trained external advisors to achieve a comprehensive and meaningful education at each school level. Our goal is to prepare students to face the challenges of the future and to contribute positively to society. With the dedication of our teachers and the support of experts, we are sure that we will train generations of young people prepared for success.

Aware of the importance of steadily improving SIMCE results in both basic and secondary education, we carried out a series of projects aimed at improving the achievements obtained in previous years:

• Application of an institutional evaluation.
• In-depth analysis of the programs and remedies tending to improve the aspects that require it.
• Additional reinforcements in math language and science.
• Application of external evaluations.
• Evaluation and educational advice from external entities.

This is how we highlight the great success obtained during the year 2022, where the management work, academic team and students managed to exceed the national average with their results.

I am pleased to share with you relevant information about the Higher Education Access Test (PAES for its acronym in spanish), as well as highlight the actions that our school has implemented to support the admission of our students to the university.

The PAES is an evaluation that is carried out at the national level and is intended for students who have graduated from High School. This test aims to measure the knowledge and skills acquired during their education process and is an important requirement to access higher education in the country.

Regarding the dates for taking the PAES in 2023, according to the information provided by the Department of Education, the test is scheduled to take place on November 27, 28 and 29 of this year.

It is essential that our students understand the importance of the school grades in secondary education (NEM; acronym of Notas de Educación Media) and the ranking in the university admissions process. The NEM is a weighted average of the grades obtained during high school, while the ranking is a percentage that represents the student's position compared to their peers at the level.

Throughout the year, our school has been committed to providing comprehensive support to our students to facilitate their entry into Higher Education. Some of the notable actions we have taken include:

1. Monthly visits to various universities and their campuses, allowing our students to learn about different educational options and explore the facilities of the institutions.
2. General tests of the PAES at the college level, offering our students the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the format and content of the tests.
3. Delivery of information from various universities to take essays on Saturdays, providing more opportunities to practice and improve performance in the PAES.
4. Offering a free online pre-university course for third and fourth grade students, providing additional tools and resources to reinforce learning.
5. Management of scholarships in alliance with the CPECH pre-university school for third and fourth grade students, ensuring preparation opportunities without economic barriers.
6. Constant guidance to students on the importance of the NEM and the ranking, so that they understand how these factors influence the admission process.
7. Holding informative talks for parents and guardians about the NEM and the ranking, so that families are aware and can adequately support their children in this process.
8. Administration of vocational tests for high school students, helping them to identify their interests and abilities for an informed career choice. 10. Organization of a career Expo with the participation of 14 universities within the school, giving our students the opportunity to explore different academic options.
11. Informative talks by various universities, to explain the available careers, agreements and special admissions.
12. Organization of a specific talk for PAES registration, making sure that all students are duly informed and prepared for this important process.

These actions seek to strengthen academic skills and provide the necessary support so that our students can achieve their educational and professional goals. We appreciate the support and commitment of the entire educational community in this process.