Le Monde School, an institution born from the passionate dream of a teacher to train people with solid values and constant academic growth, in an environment of solidarity, tolerance, respect and effort, in close collaboration with families. Our commitment lies in having a body of highly trained professionals, who continually improve and are connected with affection, adopting a dynamic, motivating and close pedagogy.

At the center of our curricular design, there are two fundamental pillars that promote the integral development of our students. On the one hand, our bilingual project provides them with the necessary linguistic and cultural tools to function in a globalized world. On the other hand, we have implemented the "My voice will go with you" program, with the aim of preparing our young people to successfully face the challenges posed by a modern and highly technological society.

In addition, we understand that the incentive for higher education is essential in the training of our students and constitutes one of our main challenges. We work closely with families in vulnerable situations, providing an environment in which we instill clear and consistent disciplinary standards, geared toward ongoing compliance. In this way, we will guide the behavior of our students, allowing them to develop fundamental skills and attitudes for optimal coexistence in our society and receiving a quality education.

Our commitment to the Florida community is vital and we aspire to occupy a prominent place in the region. We recognize that the family is the foundation of society and, therefore, an essential pillar in the upbringing, education and formation of responsible individuals and exemplary citizens. We will maintain a close relationship with families, working together to ensure the well-being and success of each student on their path to a promising future.