"Regulations are management instruments, which set the operating standards and inform about the establishment's procedures, and regulate the relations between the members of the educational community, integrating the principles and values contained in the Institutional Educational Project."

Le Monde School stands as a unique and conducive place, where our children and young people find the opportunity to grow together and cultivate skills that make them citizens committed to the defense and promotion of values such as non-discrimination, tolerance and collaboration. To achieve these noble objectives, it is imperative to establish a set of rules and procedures that promote harmonious coexistence and facilitate the peaceful resolution of conflicts, recognizing that the responsibility of maintaining a positive environment falls on each of the members of our educational community.

      Internal Regulations and Rules of School Coexistence Year 2024

The evaluation is a fundamental and continuous process that aims to provide information to both the teacher and the students to support their learning process, actively involving themselves in the achievement of the specific educational objectives for each level. In addition to being a measurement tool, the evaluation translates into a grade that, together with the attendance requirement, determines the promotion of the students. At Le Monde School, an Assessment Regulation is established each year that is transparently communicated to all students, parents, guardians and teachers. This regulation seeks to guarantee a fair and equitable evaluation, fostering an environment conducive to the academic and personal development of each student.

      Regulations for Evaluation, Qualification and Promotion School Year 2024

The scholarships offer students the possibility of obtaining a total or partial exemption from the payments that must be made monthly. The amount assigned to each beneficiary in the economic aspect will be determined exclusively by the score obtained in the application form, according to the information provided.

      Internal Rules for the Allocation of Scholarships